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JUUL- kits and pods


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JUUL- kits and pods


JUUL starter kit or other juul accessories.

***you can order you juul pods\juul kit\skins\usb charger at our store (Geula street 45, tel aviv) or call us 050-8261261***

Or either search for “vapeshop” at Google maps\Waze.

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Ceramic waxy cart for Focusvape


The famous Focusvape is upgraded now with a new
Ceramic waxy cart
It's for your own dab and for maximal use
Now the Focusvape is not just for weed it can work also with dabs

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INTEGRA BOOST 8g- 62% + Humidity Regulator


INTEGRA BOOST Humidiccant uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 62% in a contained environment.
BOOST’s 2-Way Humidity Regulators control your moisture consistently and effectively inside any sealed container.

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