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JUUL- kits and pods


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JUUL- kits and pods


JUUL starter kit or other juul accessories.

***you can order you juul pods\juul kit\skins\usb charger at our store (Geula street 45, tel aviv) or call us 050-8261261***

Or either search for “vapeshop” at Google maps\Waze.

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Kiln RA chamber connector base


The Kiln RA Replacement Chamber Connector Base is designed to sit flush with most box mods and standard batteries, and is built with an advanced dual-post system, evenly providing power to the Kiln RA’s ceramic disc atomizers, vaporizing your wax consistency products to produce unrivaled flavor and vapor.

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Kiln RA replacement atomizer- 2pack


Each Kiln RA Replacement Atomizer is made of pure ceramic and uses advanced ceramic heating disc technology to heat wax consistency products, producing pure and flavorful vapor. Kiln RA replacement atomizers are sold in packs of two.

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420 wipes science- for cleaning vaporizers


Use these 420 Wipes to sanitize the mouthpiece of your favorite pipe or vaporizer.

great for getting the goop off your pokers and dabbers.

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3000mAh Battery


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3000mAh Battery


Quality battery easily replaceable. Trey 3.7 V, 3000 mAh.

Work with Atmos I50 Mod as well.

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smell proof condom sack


smell proof condom sack, up to 1 gram of herbs.

very discrete, easy to use and comfortable in your pocket.

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Hydrology9 Leather Carrying Case


Hydrology9 was designed with the intention to modernize the water filtration traditions. Combining the space age Hydrology9 with a vintage style leather carrying case creates a contrast that is a perfect depiction of this image.

Made with hand crafted genuine leather with soft interior fabric and brass button studs, the Hydrology9 official carrying case will help you protect and carry Hydrology9 to your next destination.

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