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Kiln RA chamber connector base


The Kiln RA Replacement Chamber Connector Base is designed to sit flush with most box mods and standard batteries, and is built with an advanced dual-post system, evenly providing power to the Kiln RA’s ceramic disc atomizers, vaporizing your wax consistency products to produce unrivaled flavor and vapor.

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Kiln RA replacement atomizer- 2pack


Each Kiln RA Replacement Atomizer is made of pure ceramic and uses advanced ceramic heating disc technology to heat wax consistency products, producing pure and flavorful vapor. Kiln RA replacement atomizers are sold in packs of two.

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3000mAh Battery


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3000mAh Battery


Quality battery easily replaceable. Trey 3.7 V, 3000 mAh.

Work with Atmos I50 Mod as well.

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Kiln RA Vaporizer- heating attachment


Ceramic heating chamber that attaches to Atmos KILN RA vaporizer and capable of handling an impressive amount of wax.
The Kiln RA is equipped with an advanced dual post system that makes changing your ceramic coils faster and more convenient than ever.
The device is designed to sit flush with all box mods mod batteries (in according with the manufacturer recommendations).
Not suitable for herbs!

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