The Astra is one of the most advanced vaporizers available, combining some of the most sought after functions of a vaporizer into one sleek and powerful device. In addition, all of the Astra’s functions are streamlined into a one-button controlled system making it easy to use and highly versatile. The Astra is perfect for anyone looking to take their vaping experience to the next level.

*Recommended for those who has experiences in vaping or like advance gadgets.

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Able to handle loose leaf, oil, and wax, the Atmos Astra is a sleek portable vaporizer which promises to deliver a high quality vaporization experience at an affordable price.

The Astra came packaged with everything  you need to get started vaping including a cleaning kit, charging kit, 18650 battery, manual, and vaporizer. In terms of dimensions, the unit is cylindrical and measures 6.17 inches (15.7cm); definitely small enough to slide discreetly into your front pocket or purse. You can unscrew the middle of the unit to expose the battery, which is a 2000mAH user-replaceable 18650 found in other portable vapes including the Inhalater and Arizer Air. Recharging the Astra is easy, simply hook up a cable to the microusb port on the side of the unit. At the bottom of the herb trench a small screen covers five holes for airflow, and you can swap the herb trench for an included stainless steel bowl designed for waxes and concentrates. The Astra has five preset temperature settings marked on the unit (and indicated by LED lights).

What’s Included in Kit:

1x Replaceable Lithium Ion 2000 mAh Battery

1x Stainless Steel Heating Chamber

1x Mouthpiece with filter and mesh screen

1x Cup for Liquids, Oils, and Wax / Concentrates

1x Tweezers

1x Cleaning Brush Tool

1x Packing Tool

1x USB Cable

1x Wall Charger

1x User Manual


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