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PALM Ccell- battery for cbd


The palm cell battery is one of the prettiest in the market.

suits perfect for cod and thc.

Between 250-300 puffs.

Chargeable with USB cable.

*6 month warranty for the battery.


Laisimo V80 mini

270.00 240.00

270.00 240.00מידע נוסף

Laisimo V80 mini

270.00 240.00

The Laisimo v80 mini is a small and comfortable vapor mode that comes with a power output of up to 80 watts! The luxurious design and operating comfort of the innovative digital display with color makes the vaping experience very easy and enjoyable. Laisimo v80 unique technology prevents overheating of the battery, which is loaded using a USB cable.
The tank for the device can be purchased separately. Laisimo v80 is counting your puffs history so you can be prepared to change coils and much more.

The OBS engine sub is suited perfectly for this mod.

Bottom line: Suitable for anyone searching for a powerful, powerful vapor evaporation mode.

270.00 240.00מידע נוסף



The OBS ENGINE SUB cartridge is an advanced, wide mouthpiece fill head that provides easy inhalation and massive vapes.
The top of the air conditioning system allows full control of the intensity of inhalation.
It contains up to 5.3 ml of liquid, and the filling is carried out from the top, without fear of leaks.

The engine sub works perfectly with mods with 60W or more

Especially suitable for snowwolf plus mini 80W