IMAG Plus Ceramic Vaporizer

IMAG Plus Ceramic Vaporizer


The IMAG Plus Ceramic is a small and very portable, pen-styled vaporizer that packs ease of use and excellent vapour production in a discreet yet classy design. It is designed for use with herbs only.

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Ceramic heating chamber
Contrary to its predecessor, the IMAG Plus Ceramic version features an improved (ceramic) heating element, allowing for faster heat-up (the IMAG Plus Ceramic heats up between 30 and 45 seconds) and more flavourful vapour.

Easy one button operation
Equiped with a single button, using the IMAG Plus vaporizer is a breeze. Tapping the button three times will turn the unit on (and off) and begin the heat up process at the lowest temperature (green). Press and hold the button to cycle through the three different temperature settings. The mouthpiece can be removed by twisting it counterclockwise, revealing the herb chamber.

With the micro-USB charging interface integrated at the bottom of the IMAG you can easily charge your vaporizer through a laptop, tablet or any other device that has a USB port. Charging the IMAG vaporizer takes about 3 hours.

Temperature settings
The IMAG Plus Ceramic gives the user the option to vapourize at one of the three preset temperatures:

Green – 190°C
Blue – 210°C
Red – 230°C